Power Flush Edinburgh

Name any newspaper and it’s guaranteed that they’ve recently reported on how cold the next couple of months are going to be. According to ‘The Sun,’ a Siberian storm is set to plunge Scotland into freezing temperatures up until March. While there are a ton of events in Edinburgh this month, the best part of the day for many residents will be coming home to a warm flat. Boiler Genie offers a power flush, so Edinburgh residents will be sure that their homes are at their warmest when they need it most.

It’s hard to know what’s worse; a boiler that is completely broken or one that isn’t working at its best. At least with a broken boiler, you know instantly that something is wrong and you can get help as soon as it is noticed. A boiler in need of a power flush could just manifest as cold spots or your radiators not being as warm as you’d like. It can really affect the efficiency of your heating, but as it’s not deemed as much as of an ’emergency,’ you maybe wouldn’t be as quick to action it. Corrosion within a heating system can become a big problem and this issue accounts for a large number of eventual boiler failures.

You may be asking yourself, how is a power flush done? A power flush basically involves the use of a magnet or a large pump to flush chemicals through your entire heating system at a high-velocity but low pressure. This shifts any debris or corrosion that is trapped throughout your system and will leave you with a central heating system that is blockage free and working at its best. It is important to note that this process isn’t suitable for every property, but the team at Boiler Genie will happily survey your system for free to discuss any requirements.

A power flush can give Edinburgh residents a ton of benefits that they’d probably not even have considered. Not only will you have hot water and heaters that are running at their optimum, but you could also end up saving yourself some money. Did you know that you could save up to 30% on your heating bills with an efficient boiler? It’s a lot of money to needlessly lose out on, especially when there are readily available solutions. The team at Boiler Genie have years worth of training and experience when it comes to boiler services, and we can ensure that you have a reliable boiler all year round.

Our boiler flush service for Edinburgh residents can truly save a lot of hassle in the long run. No one wants to be left cold during the winter months and then having to pay more for their heating for the privilege of it. For more information, please feel free to get in contact with us. Our team will be happy to advise you through any issues you may have.