Boilers On Finance Paisley

Genie ImageWhile perhaps not the most obvious choice for a city to visit during the winter, Paisley definitely holds its own in the unofficial Christmas celebration competition. The Paisley First WinterFest is a pretty spectacular event that lights up the streets of the Paisley town centre. With an ice rink and a number of market stalls, the event is worth risking the cold for. To help you escape the cold, we offer boilers on finance in Paisley, so that you can enjoy the event and festive season in general without worrying about paying a huge lump sum.

Boilers are definitely necessary for this time of year. The summers have been pretty spectacular as of late, but we definitely pay for it during the winter months. It’s absolutely freezing outside, and there is no way that you could last without having functioning heating and hot water. If your boiler is working inefficiently, you’ll be haemorrhaging money in heating bills. We’ve done the maths, and we know that with a new boiler you could save yourself up to 30% on your heating bills. That is a huge difference and definitely worth looking into.

At Boiler Genie, we do understand that not everyone has the money to pay for a new boiler, especially during the festive period as £2000 is a lot of money to just suddenly have to spend. For many people, it’s not at all manageable and they feel like they just have to suffer through having an inefficient boiler. Boiler Genie has the solution for those stuck in this situation, and we are proud to say that we offer our clients in Paisley boilers on finance.

Our boilers on finance in Paisley can make all the difference to clients who cannot afford a lump sum. We offer our customers a deal that allows them to make affordable monthly payments with little to no interest. From as a little as £23 per month, you can have a brand new boiler that will make your home a warm safe haven away from the harsh winter weather. Best of all, we won’t take any money from you for up to six months, so you can recover from Christmas without having to even begin taking it into consideration.

If you get in contact with one of the team members at Boiler Genie today, we could come the next day to install your new boiler. We want our clients to feel at ease and so we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic service that is affordable and of a high-quality. We want to make the process of purchasing a new boiler a lot less stressful for our clients, so we will help you throughout the process. You can receive a quick-quote from our site so that you get an idea of how much your monthly payments could be depending on how long you want to spread the cost across.

If you’re in need of a new boiler so that you can enjoy the Paisley First WinterFest and come home to a warm safe haven, you don’t have to worry about paying a huge lump sum during Christmas. Boiler Genie offer boilers on finance in Paisley, that can be expertly installed and then paid for in affordable monthly instalments. To inquire about getting a new boiler, you can phone us on 0141 538 0018 or fill out our contact form. Our team cannot wait to hear from you!