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If there is one thing that Edinburgh does properly, it’s Christmas. With the annual market that gives visitors to the city access to some unique multicultural food and drink offerings and the chance to buy some amazing hand-crafted gifts, and the ferris wheel that towers over the city, the capital puts on an amazing show every year. However, being that Scotland is infamous for its climate, Edinburgh also brings along the ‘proper’ Christmas weather. Months of harsh winds, snow and bitter coldness are something that all residents of Scotland have to look forward to. Boiler Genie offer boilers on finance in Edinburgh, for residents of the city who want to keep warm without having to pay an huge deposit so close to one of the most expensive months of the year.

You really can’t go without a boiler in the winter months. Accuweather predicts that the temperature in Edinburgh is meant to stay below 10°C throughout the month of December. Not having access to warm water and heating throughout the duration would be an absolute nightmare, and potentially an extreme hazard to your health. We at Boiler Genie do understand the reluctance of purchasing a new boiler, for some it’s just too much money to lose around about Christmas. According to theheatinghub, replacing a boiler can cost you a ballpark figure of £2,000. For many people that’s just not doable, especially in an expensive city like Edinburgh where rent prices are already high.

Boiler Genie offers their clients boilers on finance in Edinburgh so that you can be comfortable over the winter without having to worry about paying a lump sum. You can spread the cost of your new boiler between two and ten years. Starting from as small as payments of £23 per month, with 0% and 4.9% APR’s available, you won’t have to panic about budgeting when you get one of our high-quality products and installations. Best of all, there is no deposit on all of our plans. You won’t have to pay a penny for up to six months, giving you well enough time to recover from Christmas before you have to start paying.

If you get in contact with Boiler Genie today, one of our team can be on your property tomorrow to install your new boiler. It really is as simple as that. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and giving them the best deal possible. Our goal is to make the hassle of getting a new boiler that little bit easier and less stressful. After all, at Boiler Genie, your wish is our command!

There is no need to be worried if you need a new boiler during the holiday season, our boilers on finance will make life so much easier for you. You can enjoy the spectacular Christmas that you can get by being a resident of Edinburgh, without worrying about going home to inefficient hot water or heating or paying a ton of money for what really is a necessity. You can call us on 0141 538 0018 or fill out our contact form on site. We look forward to hearing from you.