Boiler Replacement Giffnock

Your boiler is the hub of your home and is responsible for the efficient running of your home. Ensuring your home is warm and comfortable for both yourself, family and guests is a pivotal function of your boiler. The helpful team at Boiler Genie can help you with boiler replacement for your Giffnock home should your boiler need replacing, making your home as welcoming as you’d ever wished.

To arrange an assessment to see which boiler would suit you best calling our assessment centre today could help set you on route to a warm happy home.

So why replace your boiler?

Your boiler can cause for some of the largest household bills, with many inefficient boilers causing for frustratingly increased bills. In fact there are many common boiler problems in Giffnock that people are unaware of which can lead to them needing boiler replacement. Where faults occur your poor boiler can deteriorate and result in misery. The following are common boiler problems:

No heat or hot water – When there is no heat or hot water this can turn your life into turmoil. Checking that your boiler pressure is correct on the thermostat is crucial in ensuring that you remain with hot water and heating.

Leaking and dripping – A leaky boiler could be caused by a multitude of issues. The most common cause of leaking is a broken component found internally. This could be a seal, or pressure valve.

Strange banging, whistling or gurgling noises – Where issues occur with the water pressure this can result in bizarre noises. Additionally trapped air in the system could cause for disturbing whistling noises.

Faulty pilot light – Where a pilot light goes out you should contact your gas supplier. Trying to fix your pilot light alone when uneducated should never be attempted.

Lost pressure – When the pressure drops, your central heating system may not function. You can try to re-pressure the system yourself, however this could be difficult. We suggest calling a Boiler Genie engineer to fully analyse the breakage.

Frozen condensate pipe – Condensing boilers have pipes which transport acidic water away from the boiler. A condensate pipe can be identified by observing the boiler, when this appears frozen your boiler is faulty and requires maintenance.

Thermostat issues – When a thermostat is inaccurate or causing for the heating to cut out sporadically it’s always best to make a few checks to ensure the thermostat isn’t just out of place. In the case that your thermostat has malfunctioned or lost accuracy this will require a replacement.

When any of these issues occur it is highly suggested  you get your boiler checked. If you’re from Giffnock and looking to fix your boiler, a replacement could be the best bet not just for the fact that you are getting a new boiler but for the fact that you will get a more efficient boiler which in turn will save you money on your gas bills. So if you would like to speak to someone about boiler replacement for your home in Giffnock then why not contact us today and speak to one of our friendly, helpful team.