Boiler Repair Glasgow

Having your boiler breakdown can put your life or business at a total standstill. Whether it’s a school, a home, or a business; your property can’t efficiently function without heating and warm water. Boiler Genie provide an efficient boiler repair for Glasgow clients who want to get back to normality as soon as possible.

It is crucial that you get your boiler fixed at the first hint of trouble, particularly if you run a business. If you work within a hospital or a school environment, it is your responsibility to ensure that your patients or pupils are located within a space that is set at a comfortable temperature. Dealing with such an occurrence would be an absolute nightmare, particularly in the winter months. Trying to source hot water is difficult, and keep large spaces warm without a boiler is impossible.

Scotland’s winter months can really test even the best of boiler systems. Cold weather can lead to the corrosion of pipes which in turn can lead to water leaks and mould. Boiler Genie will usually send out a skilled Gas Safe engineer on the same day that you get in contact with us. That’s because we know how crucial a boiler is to everyday life and how troublesome it can be when it is acting up.

While we are repairing your boiler, we can also check for potential gas-leaks. Carbon monoxide poisoning is an odourless gas and can be fatal. This is obviously the absolute worst case scenario, it rarely happens in comparison with other issues, but Boiler Genie can give you peace of mind. Less troubling but equally annoying is the fact that, if left unchecked, your boiler could be costing you extra money by running inefficiently. If it isn’t running at maximum capacity, you will be spending more on your household energy bills. This can add up in the long run and cost you a small fortune.

For Boiler Repairs in Glasgow, Boiler Genie can offer you a quick and efficient repair at at a fair price. We guarantee you high quality workmanship, with our Gas Safe registered engineers being experts at what they do.