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Affordable Boilers Glasgow

Living in 2019 is expensive, especially in a city like Glasgow. Rent prices are going up and new taxes are being added left, right and centre. The high street is supposedly on its death bed, and the costs of products are going up in an attempt to salvage the situation. Honestly, we have no idea […]

Boiler Repairs Paisley

Murphy’s law states that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Finagle’s law expands upon this and states that the thing going wrong will happen at the worst possible moment. What we’re trying to get at here, is that life isn’t perfect. Your boiler might break. Knowing that when it rains it pours, it […]

Boiler Finance with Poor Credit Glasgow

Stuff happens. C’est la vie. No one sets out to end up with poor credit but life isn’t predictable. It’s not like there is a set guide that we can all follow to avoid being put in an unfortunate financial situation. Here at Boiler Genie, we empathise. Most of us have been there after all. […]

Pay Monthly Boilers Glasgow

Despite reports suggesting the death of the high street shopping experience, Glasgow’s city centre has a host of shops, activities and restaurants for both residents and tourists to enjoy. It’s fantastic but expensive. Life in any city is costly, and having a row of shops act as ‘temptation avenue’ really doesn’t help. For all that […]

Boiler Servicing Livingston

Livingston is a fantastic location within Scotland. It’s conveniently placed between the two main big cities of the country: Edinburgh and Glasgow. This means you get the benefits of city life without the negatives. You can go to either city and access a range of shops and activities and then return home to a quieter […]

Boiler Installation Glasgow

There is nothing worse than being left without hot water or heating. It’s a privilege that we definitely take for granted, however, we definitely notice when it’s not there. The temperature in January and February in Glasgow is set to be ‘mild’ at best. It would be the absolute worst time to not having heating. […]

Power Flush Edinburgh

Name any newspaper and it’s guaranteed that they’ve recently reported on how cold the next couple of months are going to be. According to ‘The Sun,’ a Siberian storm is set to plunge Scotland into freezing temperatures up until March. While there are a ton of events in Edinburgh this month, the best part of […]

Boiler Servicing Glasgow

When you live in a city that is as lively as Glasgow, there are a ton of things you need to worry about. From traffic to ever-fluctuating bills, there is a lot that the average resident needs to juggle. We at Boiler Genie believe that your boiler shouldn’t be one of the things you have […]